Planning Your Trip

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Check out the attached link to get all the updates and requirements for travel to Canada.

1. PLANNING YOUR HUNT: Unquestionably the most important step, and should be the most interesting as well. The anticipation and excitement created in meetings with the other members of your group will keep a person motivated and prepared long before the hunt starts.

2. SCOUT IT OUT: "Never assume anything". Travel arrangements, guide or outfitter qualifications and reputation, area to be hunted, necessary equipment, and info on hunting techniques of target game should all be researched thoroughly.

3. ARE YOU READY: Leave home with a blessing, not a cursing. Emotional stress will ruin an otherwise successful hunt. Proper physical conditioning and complete confidence in your weapon and ability to use it are a must. Keep practicing.

4. HAVE REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS: In fair chase hunting, a guide or outfitter's success rates over several years can give you a better indication of your chance of harvesting an animal. No one can control Mother Nature and her effects on hunting conditions and animal movements during your hunt. You can, however, expect the service and effort promised by your guide or outfitter.

5. GO FOR IT: If you have accomplished the first four tips, you should be on the way to a great hunting adventure. At the very least, the company of family and/or hunting buddies and the wilderness experiences you encounter, should leave treasured memories for years to come.


Dusty Brodhagen